Cleansing your stones

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As Rocks and Crystals may be used to realign spiritual energy and recharge the energy centers of the body, it stands to reason that they may also collect energy, either negative or positive, from the body or the atmosphere in general. It is therefore essential that you CLEANSE your crystals regularly.

1. Many crystals love the sun, and cleanse and recharge well by sitting in sunlight for a day.Again it is most important should you do so, that you know your crystal.Many crystals will lose their color from direct sunlight, Some can crack if overheated.

If you use this method, you might consider choosing an open, screened window sill.

2. Some crystals can be cleansed under Moonlight, ideal on Full Moon nights. Put the crystal on screened, opened window sill where they can soak up the moons gentle light energy.

3. You can cleanse a crystal under running water. Hold terminated point down and let water run from base down to point, while focusing on the crystal, and releasing it, washing away all the negative energies.

4. Dry Salt method. Simply take a bowl of sea salt and bury your stone in it for about 24 hours and then wipe the stone carefully and discard the salt. Salt has the ability to draw negative imbalances into itself, so that is why you must discard it after using it for any cleansing purposes.

5. Smudging Method .You can smudge your stone with incense or smudge sticks such as Frankincense, sandalwood, sage and cedar – which have a long traditional reputation for purifying and removing negativity. Simply hold your stone in the smoke of the incense stick until you feel the negativity had been removed

Anytime you use a crystal for healing, meditation etc you should cleanse it since it may have absorbed old negative traumatic emotions, that you may have resolved and released during your meditation.

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